Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thankful That... is a new project that uses the artistic expression of gratitude to strengthen our community.

In November and December, 2008, Burlington artist Jodi Whalen will collect stories of gratitude from residents of Burlington's Old North End. Stories that convey messages of hope and jubilation, on any scale, whether it's joy for the return of a lost cat, or the humble appreciation that comes when a loved one recovers from an injury or illness. The paintings will be on display in the community in 2009.

Why Thankful That?
Gratitude is a thread that connects us all. Within these stories of thankfulness, the issues that separate us disappear, and the essence of what connects us all comes to the forefront. By communicating messages of gratitude that come from people who live in the Old North End, we help to eradicate judgment and preconceptions, and celebrate the attitude of appreciation that emanates from this rich community.

Please participate if you're a resident of the Old North End!
Email your brief story of gratitude to Jodi Whalen
or fill out the form on this site.

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